Quotes: Goals …For the New Year

In a few weeks we will all be writing goals for 2017.  Resolutions that are meant to inspire us to act for 12 months.  Right now most of us are looking back over the goals for 2016 with a few choice reactions.  Happiness for accomplishing them, disappointment for not staying on track, or confusion as to how the year went by so fast.  No matter where you finish this year, you have a whole new page to start on.



Writing Goals

If you guys are anything like me, I start writing my new goals about a week before Christmas.  I know from watching several vlogs, and reading many blogs – there are different ways we all write our lists.  Some choose pencil and paper, some keep our goals on our smartphones, and then there are those of us who write our goals in our planners.  I chose the last one.  I love planners, it is easier to keep track of them, and break them down into more manageable tasks over the year.

Planners for Goal Planning

Half-way through last year I found the greatest planner – DayDesigner.  Within the planner there are pages to help you create your resolutions, and on the daily pages you are able to fill out your top three items.  Once a week I write in a small piece of my goal so that it is accomplished in small manageable tasks.

setting goals - enchantedemprise


Christmas is only a few days away… I really look forward to a great end to a year that has been filled with growth and love.  How has the year been for all of you?  Were you able to stick to your list? What was the one thing that you learned this year that you want to take forward with you into 2017?  I would love to read about your successes in the comments below!








This post is not sponsored.  The opinions are based on my own experiences.


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#PositiveVibes: JustSounds Playlist

#positivevibes photo

To kick-off Enchanted Emprise, I thought to start with my monthly series “Just Sounds” which will be a compilation of music I am currently enjoying.  My favorite Spotify playlist that I can turn on at any point during the day.  Driving to B work, cooking at home or even while writing – is #positivevibes.  It’s super eclectic and upbeat.  It always puts me in a great mood.


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. – Plato

#positivevibes playlist

I really enjoy Spotify.  My other go-to app for music is iTunes.  Which do you prefer? What is on your current playlist?  I’d love to know what everyone else is listening to right now.  Comment below to let me know!


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